Who We Help

Busy Professionals

You understand the basics of personal finance but have little time to focus on it.  And when you do have the time, other priorities compete.

Just as your professional services are engaged for your expertise, you need the help of an expert.

We are eager to help you understand your wealth and set in motion a plan for your future.

Next Steppers

After you spent so many years following society’s script; working hard, raising a family and tending to needs of others, it’s now time to reflect upon your life’s journey.  What’s next?

If you are thinking about your next step and what truly matters to you, then let’s discuss how we can help you get there!

Female Leaders

Running a company or your household, you helped create your family wealth and you care about how it is handled.  Thoughtful wealth management is a priority for you.

Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced we have a team of female advisors eager to speak with you.

Crestwood’s “Women & Wealth” initiative helps address challenges our team, clients and community face.

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

Small business ownership is more than a full time job.  You want to work with a team that understands what it means to build a company from nothing.

Your talented team of advisors often includes firm owners.  We understand your efforts and we are uniquely familiar with the challenges you face.

Up & Comers

Are you going out into the world and making your mark?

Is your career taking-off, are you getting married or starting a family?

Talk to one of our advisors about Pathfinder and they will help you navigate through this dynamic period in your life.

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