How We Help

As Unique as You

We listen before we speak and understand before we advise. At Crestwood Advisors, every relationship begins with conversation.  We want to know who and what is important to you. We want to hear and learn from both partners.  We are interested in learning about your life goals, risk tolerance, investment objectives, and financial obligations.   Only then, in collaboration with you, will our team make recommendations to help achieve your goals, but it doesn’t end there.

As an advisory firm committed to your success, we are well informed of the latest market, economic, social and political developments that might impact you.   We enjoy challenging perceived ideas and searching for new ways to improve.

We’re determined to stay ahead of the curve… we’re willing to adapt, to learn and to evolve.

Working for You


Change is part of life. This is why we challenge ourselves to stay current on the latest market, economic, social and political issues.  We are continuously learning and we never stop striving to exceed your expectations.


We evaluate all aspects of your circumstances in order to make tailored recommendations that will enable you to achieve the outcomes best suited for you.


From our listening, we gain a better understanding of your dreams, ambitions, and concerns. A deep understanding of your goals is what drives us and allows us to better serve your needs.


We pride ourselves on being careful listeners.  When we listen more and speak less, we learn more about you.

Built for You

As a client of Crestwood Advisors, you will collaborate with our highly trained team of trusted advisors who have access to a full range of financial solutions.

Our ability to serve you holistically ensures your assets are optimized to deliver returns that best support your individual goals. Coupled with our best-in-class technology and reporting platform, you can be assured of complete transparency and no surprises.  And, as we have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is best for you, you can be certain our recommendations and actions will always put your interests first.

We offer a broad range of tailored solutions that strive to balance investment results, expenses and tax-efficiencies – all with the highest levels of personalized service:


We take the time to understand your current circumstances, help define your goals and values, and then develop a custom savings & investing strategy.  We meet you wherever you are in life and provide guidance, tools and solutions to help you succeed.

Investment Philosophy & Portfolio Construction

Long-term investment success requires a global approach to asset allocation that aligns with our clients financial goals, comfort with risk, and values.

  • A global perspective and our proprietary research allows us to evaluate market and economic conditions and seek opportunities across regions, sectors, industries and companies.
  • Our dedicated research team and portfolio managers work closely to ensure our active investment process is disciplined, transparent and repeatable.
  • Portfolios are thoughtfully constructed and may include individual stocks & bonds as well as diversified vehicles like exchange traded funds (ETFs) & mutual funds.

Estate, Gift & Trust Planning

Planning for your eventual “last breath” is not always enjoyable but is important.  We provide support to help ensure you have a plan in place for you and your family when that time comes.

Philanthropic Advisory

Our clients want to make an impact on the world, but charitable giving can be complex – we make it easy.  We’ll help you identify specific goals for giving, and align your values and passions with a tailored, tax-efficient action plan.

Emerging Wealth

You thought life would be easy once you were financially independent.  Now that your career is launched and you’re beginning to save, you may have more questions than answers.  You have a unique and tremendous opportunity, TIME, and we will work with you to see this potential realized.

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