Crestwood Advisors specializes in thoughtful wealth management for successful individuals and families with complex financial lives. Our seasoned team of investment professionals strives to form a comprehensive understanding of each client’s goals in order to build a tailored investment strategy.

The resulting depth of knowledge and practiced, disciplined investment philosophies mean we are capable of creating opportunity for more consistent returns for our clients. We insist upon disciplined portfolio management and work to instill investor confidence that weathers changing and often-volatile markets. Through an integration of our investment strategies with a holistic financial planning framework we seek to ensure we remain focused on the path toward achieving specific objectives for each client’s unique circumstance.

Commitment to accountability

Every Crestwood professional is deeply committed to our clients’ success and to the extent personal circumstances allow, we invest in the same securities and strategies as our clients.

Tangible, elevated performance

Every aspect of our proactive, energetic, and team-based approach is designed to exceed our clients’ expectations. We work to deeply understand clients’ wealth goals and build an investment management and planning strategy to develop or enhance financial security, identify and address gaps and pass on a legacy for future generations. Our focus on results and ability to invest globally creates the opportunity for us to maximize growth opportunities while minimizing risk exposure.

Motivated and engaged team

At Crestwood Advisors, we cultivate a unique and energetic culture that results in our nimble, team-based service approach.  Our professionals work together to foster and sustain success for our clients, while also educating them to better understand and utilize their financial resources. Our goals-based wealth management process begins with a holistic view of each client’s financial life. It only ends when we’ve helped alleviate anxiety and develop what we believe to be a sustainable, confidence-inspiring financial strategy amidst their busy, complex financial lives.

Fiduciary responsibility

As an independently managed, SEC-registered firm, we are legally responsible to act in the best interests of our clients, a directive we take seriously and follow judiciously. Furthermore, we have deliberately built our business to be entirely transparent, particularly as related to investment performance and fees. Our fee structure is straightforward, and it is our goal to ensure each client fully understands portfolio performance results.

Community involvement

We’re committed to helping improve both our community and our profession through myriad memberships, board appointments and volunteer opportunities, such as:

Professional Memberships to:

  • CFA Institute
  • Boston Security Analysts Society
  • Boston Estate Planning Council
  • Financial Planning Association
  • The Boston Club
  • Boston Economic Club

Board of Trustee/Director positions at:

  • The Trinity Pawling School
  • The Darrow School
  • Family Services of Greater Boston
  • Crittenton Women’s Union
  • YMCA of Greater Boston (Charlestown branch)
  • Charlestown Harvard Kent Elementary School Leadership & Scholarship Partnership

Volunteering at or Membership to:

  • Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Lenny Zakim Fund
  • Stepping Stone Foundation
  • Womenade Boston
  • Grand Street Settlement Mentor Program
  • Chelmsford Finance Committee
  • St. John’s High School
  • Children’s Hospital of Boston
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Youth Enrichment Services