Micah R. WeinsteinSenior Research Analyst

Micah joined Crestwood in 2019 and serves as a Research Analyst for the research team.

Micah helps the research team with portfolio allocation and identifying opportunities within Crestwood’s Mutual Fund and ETF based portfolios. His interest in studying economic and market trends, and generating strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term led him to Crestwood.

Micah is working towards his CFA designation and is currently a level III candidate. He has a strong background in both Finance and Mathematics, where he excels in statistical and valuation analysis. Micah received his BSBA in Finance from the University of Miami in 2017.

Micah has also dedicated his spare time to learning and improving upon his programming skills in which he has become efficient in streamlining processes. With this knowledge, Micah has been able to develop data models, study large datasets, and scrape websites for data to improve overall research.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Micah enjoys working out in both indoor and outdoor settings. When not working, you can also find Micah spending time with his friends, family, or brother’s pug. He also enjoys traveling, music, and snowboarding.

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